The Beginning of Turned Write

Turned Write began in 2009 during a fateful trip to Minneapolis when Crystal Schroeder left her husband, Colin, alone in a woodworking store. He returned with a lathe and materials to make a pen or two and had decided to teach himself to turn wood.  This quickly grew into a new love for Colin.  

Beautiful hand-turned gifts filled the stockings of family and friends that year and began to grow into an full-time business. The move was made to get out of the uninsulated garage and into an brick and mortar shop in Peterson, MN in 2013.

Colin and Crystal attend local art shows in order sell Colin's works of art during the summer months. During the colder months, Colin retreats to his shop to create for summer shows and custom orders for customers. His interest in things that last and honor the history of our lives drives what he does on a daily basis. 

The most recent manifestation of this is his love of sewing and the old Singer sewing machines and accessories that currently adorn the shop. If you stop in at the right time you may even get to watch him sewing a quilt on his favorite treadle machine in the cabinet he created.

Colin continues to create everything one at a time and loves helping create long-lasting gifts and items for people's homes and lives. He loves a challenge and the idea of helping someone reach their goal of having a special item that enriches their home or to give to others.  His goal continues to be to help bring a little functional beauty into the lives of others through his heirloom quality creations and he is very grateful for the support of others.