Postage Stamp Pen & Box Set

The Turned Write signature unique gift! 

Mr. TW developed the multi-step casting technique himself over a long Minnesota winter (are there any short ones?!).  

What a way to honor a hobby, career, date, historical event, or whatever you'd like to remember!  Don't see the perfect stamp here?  Send us an e-mail or call us and we'll see what we can find-- you'll be amazed at what Mr. TW can locate! :D 

  • Each pen body contains between 2-5 REAL postage stamps! 
  • Cast in clear acrylic resin and turned free-hand once hardened
  • Each box (sourced elsewhere) is laser engraved by the TW team with the stamp's name, country of origin, rate, & issue date AND Mr. TW affixes and seals a stamp to the top of the box as well! 
  • Box acts as it's own display stand
  • Pen takes a standard Parker Style refill

*for a fee, additional engraving can be made on the box lid or on the inside lip of the box