Jenny Ogborn Design Sewing Table for Singer Featherweight and other Singer machines SHIPPING INCLUDED!

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Effective 6/23/21- we've resolved our equipment issues and any table ordered now will ship within three weeks or less!!!

This Sewing Table has been crafted from 3/4 inch thick, European Baltic Birch Furniture Grade Plywood, CNC cut right here in my shop and hand fit and finished with hinges and hardware to create a great portable table that will fit your vintage Singer Sewing Machines and breaks down quickly and easily for transport and storage! It measures  18x38 and stands 28 1/2 inches tall.  Tops are available to fit 221 Featherweights (Black shown, that top will also fit Tan ones, and a top for White 221's is available, just not pictured) 301 Long Bed machines, 301 Short Bed machines (This top will also fit 400/500/Touch and Sew series machines as well!) and 3/4 Bentwood case machines like the 99 and 128! A solid top without cutout is also available to use the table for a desk, or to place your cutting mat on top! Tables are assembled and sanded to 150 grit and ready to paint in your choice of color right out of the box. They can also be stained easily to match other pieces in your house! Assembly requires only the supplied Allen wrench to tighten the stretchers and you are ready to drop your machine in and go! The stretchers supplied will work with all of the tabletops available, to use them with a 221 Featherweight you just pop in the supplied spacers to raise the support height! If you have a model 28/128 in the bentwood case, please let me know and I will also supply a set of risers for the shallower base of the 28/128. The tables also provide clearance to use the knee bar if you have a knee bar bentwood case. Please check out the pinned video at to see how this table sets up and the ease with which you can switch between tops!

Shipping to the continental US is included in the price but if you are in or near SE Minnesota and would prefer local pickup, You can enter the coupon code LOCALPICKUP at check out and receive a discount for the shipping!

These tables are handmade one at a time and will start shipping the first week of March 2021, with 4-6 tables a week shipping. I will provide shipping estimates during production but if these are really popular it could be 4-6 months to ship if you are later in the order queue. Thank you for your patience and undertanding as we launch this great product!