Featherweight Pin Cushion

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Have you been sewing along on your Featherweight and pulled out the pins as you go? (We all know we're not supposed to sew over the pins to avoid bending and breaking needles) Do you need a place to stick them so you don't leave them on the bed and scratch your machine or knock them onto the floor and then step on them?

This was a joint project with TW Jr.! He wants to earn for a car as all 16 year olds do so I gave him the concept and the design and production work are all his! He 3D prints the parts and they are then hand assembled and fit is checked on a machine!

They are available in several colors with 2 felt options to match your machine or to stand out! They fit into the needle bar bushing on the top of your machine to give you a place to put your pins. They can be easily removed by just lifting it out. We've tested fit and function on a broad range of 221's from 1933 up to the white machines of the 60's!